The welcome bonus

Online casinos simply have a lot of competition with each other. To knock each other off the top, some of these casinos offer a welcome bonus. This means that you get free play money to play with. This is also popularly called "free spins" or "free spins." Without depositing you simply get the opportunity to win money. However, the fact is that there are often some small print that determine when the money may be paid out.

The deposit bonus

The word deposit bonus is easy to understand - it means that you get extra money when you deposit money into the casino's account. This is one of the most popular offers and you will also see that the amount of money that you can earn with this can increase considerably. This is often a bonus that is available to everyone - regardless of whether you've played much more often or come to see it for the first time.

Reload bonus

The reload bonus is also called the "top up" or "top up" bonus. This means that you will receive another bonus percentage when you deposit money again. The casino itself determines which percentages are used and how often you can make use of this offer. Often it means that you get the largest percentage the first time you landfill, a slightly smaller percentage the second time and even less the third time. Ultimately, it must also remain interesting for the casino to have the customer return.

The VIP points

Another option that we need to talk about is getting VIP bonus points. They have a loyalty program at a number of the more reputable casinos. Here it is possible to save points for a VIP program. You collect more and more points when you bet money at the casino. You can then simply get back your bet money if you have a certain amount of bonus points. In addition, certain casinos have a different way of handling their VIPs. This depends on the casino itself.

Grab the right bonus

In the end it is not strange that many people are wildly enthusiastic about casino bonuses. This is because it is a way of earning money without having to take a risk. By comparing and explaining something better you hopefully have a better idea of ​​what is possible and you can then make a good decision.